There are around 1,500 casinos which are land-based all over the United States, ranging from the big casinos in Las Vegas to gas station casinos.

States in the USA are becoming more relaxed when it comes to gambling laws, and it is likely that you’d see a casino right beside the place you live in the next few years.

But if you’re a serious gambler, you’re going to be pleased with online gambling than land-based gambling since they offer better bonuses. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should avoid land-based casinos.

1. Being asked for a card

Casinos these days have a player card that requires you to sign in when you’re at the place. They’d incentivize you with rewards on a weekly or daily basis. The rewards are also decided on how much you wager. But the problem is the rewards, a majority of them is focused more on slot players, and hence, people who play other games do not get enough rewards. If you do not have a card, the casino employees will push you until you have become a member.

2. Parking

Getting to the casinos through the massive hoards of traffic is already a hassle, and on top of that, you’d have to worry about where you can park once you’ve reached the place. Once you arrive at the location, you’d surely witness one or two parking lot fights as well. There’s also a small chance that your car will be subjected to a break-in. Since most of the gamblers that come are drunk or already drunk, you’d have to endure and push your way through a number of drunk drivers.


3. Distractions

The colors, the sound, the sights and everything that is inside the casino is there to take your money away, and if you are serious about making money through gambling, you’ll soon come to the conclusion that people go to casinos to be more social than to play their games. You’ll also have to wait for tables while you’re there and while you wait, you’ll slowly, but surely, be attracted to spend a few dollar bills on the slot machines.

4. Talking to people you know

Although a casino, whether it be local or international, is usually a tourist spot, there will always be a few locals here and there that you’re bound to run into. Some may like to talk while they gamble, but there are others who come to a casino to gamble and not socialize.